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Bachelor of Education in English and Swahili

Program Leader
Program Duration
8 Terms(3 Years)
Entry Requirements
Program Award
Bachelor with Honors in Education with English and Swahili
Study Mode
Cost per Term
Cost per Term

This program aims at meeting the needs for the present and prospective educational sectors for skilled professional English and Swahili  teachers and practitioners, graduates successfully complete a placement, action research and successfully completed the following modules:

Program Modules
Communication Skills and ICT
Life Skills
Introduction to Educational Psychology
Introduction to second language & linguistics
Fundamentals life skills for teachers
First language analysis
Child Friendly Concepts & Practices
Second Language Analysis
Specific teaching methods
Introduction to second language literature
School Administration
Literary Genres
Current Issues in Education
Philosophy, Ethics, and Rwandan Culture
History & Philosophy of Education
Introduction to first language & Linguistics
Sociology of Education
Principles and Practice of teaching
Educational Measurement & Evaluation
Entrepreneurship for Educators
Educational technology
Introduction to first language literature
Literary Criticism
Secondary School Curriculum & Instruction
Research Methods